About CloudMasonry

CloudMasonry is a full-service Salesforce consulting firm, with a focus on improving and maximizing investments made in the Salesforce ecosystem. We offer a tailor-made, fully turnkey approach for medium to large organizations, guiding each through the challenges of working with and harnessing the potential of Salesforce.

With over a decade’s dedicated experience in the field, CloudMasonry’s business-to-business consulting services are built on a foundation of experience across a range of industries. Whatever your challenges, we offer trusted guidance as you navigate the disruptive changes cloud computing can bring.

Who Is CloudMasonry?

Founded by Peter Ryan, CloudMasonry is a Chicago-based Salesforce consulting firm. CloudMasonry was formed with the specific intent of enabling Salesforce customers to gain maximum value from their investment.

Why Was CloudMasonry Formed?

CloudMasonry was built on the knowledge that many existing Salesforce customers often struggle to utilize Salesforce to its fullest. We understand that Salesforce is always evolving and changing, meaning it’s hard to stay up-to-date and easy to miss out on everything it can deliver.

With Salesforce pushing out three technical releases a year, we looked around and saw that Salesforce customers too often felt like they couldn’t keep up. At the same time, we knew all about the powerful features of Salesforce like the new Lightning interface and myEinstein and know just how powerful they can be.

The aim of CloudMasonry is to partner with Salesforce clients to maintain their current CRM while incorporating its very best features, leading to a robust, up-to-date Salesforce-powered solution.

How Does CloudMasonry Help Clients?

When Salesforce first hit the market, it was the case that a single person in an organization could know everything there was to know about the platform. As time has gone on, however, Salesforce has grown in complexity and changed almost beyond recognition.

CloudMasonry believes that every business or organization that uses Salesforce should have access to a pool of resources and the spectrum of skills needed to really put the Salesforce ecosystem to work. This is exactly what we offer.

Technical Capabilities

At CloudMasonry, we focus exclusively on Salesforce. We cover Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ and the wider Salesforce Platform, giving you experienced, insightful advice and guidance at every stage of your Salesforce journey.

We also focus on the wider ecosystem of third party applications that often go hand-in-hand with Salesforce. We can handle complex, large-scale system integrations, data insight and all of your reporting needs from our central position as Salesforce consulting leaders

Getting Started?

Before you get started, we offer a complimentary assessment so we can understand your current position and strategic and operational needs. Get in touch to book your consultation.

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