CloudMasonry is a leading Salesforce consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations optimize their quoting and selling process by leveraging the power of Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Industries CPQ, and its connected ecosystem of applications such as billing. CloudMasonry has a dedicated practice for Salesforce and Industry CPQ that understands the importance of striking the perfect balance between delivering user-friendly experiences and meeting the robust data and reporting demands of modern enterprise organizations.

Our comprehensive Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Industries CPQ consulting services include:

  • Salesforce CPQ and/or Salesforce Industries CPQ Implementation: We guide our clients through the entire implementation process, from initial planning to post-launch support, ensuring seamless integration and user adoption.
  • Salesforce CPQ and/or Salesforce Industries CPQ Configuration and Customization: Benefit from our in-depth expertise in configuring and customizing Salesforce CPQ to create a streamlined and intuitive quoting experience for your sales team.
  • Salesforce CPQ and/or Salesforce Industries CPQ Integration: Seamlessly integrate Salesforce CPQ with your existing systems, processes, and workflows to maximize efficiency and ensure a cohesive quote to cash process across your organization and it’s connected system of applications such as Billing and ERP.
  • Salesforce CPQ and/or Salesforce Industries CPQ Optimization: Leverage our Salesforce CPQ consultants’ insights to identify areas for process improvement, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, and optimize your CPQ solution for maximum performance and scalability.
  • Salesforce CPQ and/or Salesforce Industries CPQ Training and Adoption: Our commitment extends beyond implementation. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your team maximizes the benefits of your CPQ platform.

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CloudMasonry Salesforce CPQ Experience

Salesforce CPQ Certification Badge

CloudMasonry assists organizations in their enhancement of their Salesforce based quoting and selling process with their implementation of Salesforce CPQ (Configure Price Quote). 

Salesforce CPQ engagements bring our resources into partnership with our client’s sales and operations teams to collaboratively build a bespoke scalable solution that meets the needs of users today, with an eye on accommodating the requirements of tomorrow

Opportunity and Quote Configuration

Organize your data and provide your users a 360 degree view of their prospects and customers. See the complete history of every account and an up to the moment single source of truth about what is planned and by whom.

  • Opportunity and Opportunity Product Management
  • Product Price Books | Product Hierarchy and Structure
  • Quote Configuration and Custom Quote Outputs

Product and Pricing Rules

  • Product Validation, Selection, and Filtering Rules
  • Price Calculation, Bundling, and Discounting
  • Reoccuring Revenue | Subscription Management
  • Custom Approval Processes

Complex Approval Processes

  • Employee Roles and Hierarchy
  • Custom Product Pricing and Discounting Logic
  • Seemeless Pricing Exception Handling
  • Mobile Approval Processing to Maintain Speed of Selling

Order Processing and Renewals

  • Management of Quote to Order Conversion
  • Asset Generation | Service Cloud Integration
  • Contract Creation | Contract Revisions Management
  • Automated Renewal Creation, Assignment, and Management

Complex System Integrations

  • Operations | Logistics | Order Fulfillment
  • ERP | Financial Systems
  • eSignature | Contract Management Platforms

Entrust your Salesforce CPQ journey to the experts at CloudMasonry, and experience the difference that a partnership with an industry-leading Salesforce consultant can make. Reach out today to discover how our Salesforce CPQ consulting services can elevate your organization’s quoting and selling process.

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