Robert Ong

Robert Ong Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Robert brings over 8+ years of experience delivering quantifiable and scalable Salesforce CRM transformations. From designing strategic multi-year implementation roadmaps, tactical short-term proof of concepts, to navigating the intricacies of extensive custom code and integration architecture engagements, Robert understands the long-term organizational facets that a measurable Salesforce strategy should provide well after a successful implementation. With experience working with publicly traded global enterprise organizations to award winning non-profits, Robert brings insight into how various industries and cross functional business lines have leveraged Salesforce to empower their organizational initiatives. Prior to working within the Salesforce ecosystem, Robert oversaw private equity commercial property development and T.I. in San Francisco, CA.

Empowering our customer’s organizational initiatives with quantifiable and scalable Salesforce CRM transformations is CloudMasonry’s fundamental mission.

Robert Ong
Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

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