How To Revolutionize The Fertility & IVF Industry Through Salesforce
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How To Revolutionize The Fertility & IVF Industry Through Salesforce

The last five years have been extremely rough for my friends, Ashley and Sam. If you didn’t know they were college sweethearts and have been married for over a decade, you’d think they were newlyweds with pieces of wedding cake and champagne still spilled on their shoes. With the compassion, work ethic, and authenticity that’s indicative of a Midwest upbringing, it’s hard not to be ecstatic when you hear a couple like them are in the process of building a family — especially knowing the incredible life they’ll certainly provide their future children. 

But the universe’s timing has not been on their side. Like many millennial couples who have delayed starting a family in lieu of other adventures and priorities, trying to conceive has been a long and sadly, fruitless journey. As a last resort, Ashley and Sam have turned to In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF) treatments, a process that has unfortunately proven just as arduous and formidable. Riddled with expensive and daily appointments with no guarantee of viable specimen extractions, heart-breaking miscarriages, and the emotional turmoil the process has posed on their relationship; their hardship isn’t unique — but it’s no less despairing to hear.

As a global industry, IVF is expected to reach 36.2 billion USD by 2026 worldwide, becoming a viable solution for many couples struggling to conceive. With this growth, it’s essential individual fertility centers/clinics are equipped with cutting-edge business technology that can do three things: continuously transform and scale internal processes, minimize overall operational costs, and advance client/patient care outcomes for couples like Ashley and Sam. At CloudMasonry, we’ve seen first-hand how Salesforce is becoming the technical solution for many fertility centers/clinics focused on actualizing these objectives.

For example, the biggest challenge faced by a national chain of fertility clinics based in Southern California was the lack of a suitable system to facilitate the processing and shipment of extracted specimens. Unbelievably, an organization filled with leading-edge doctors and scientists were forced to rely on manual processes to track critical specimens being transported for cryostorage. CloudMasonry was tasked with replacing this painfully slow process with a solution utilizing Salesforce’s Service Cloud product line. Through the power of Salesforce’s routing and automation engine, we were able to empower this organization with the ability to track not only the movement and shipment of delicate specimens between fertility clinics, but also track centralized communication between patients, doctors, and shippers. Our solution to automating this process allowed fertility clinics to receive real-time alerts for stakeholder communication, provide up-to-date logistical notifications on where the cryogenic containers were throughout the transportation cycle, monitor the life-cycle of containers, and develop valuable up-to-date reporting on transportation/patient data. 

At a fertility center based in Nevada, the top priority was streamlining the process for onboarding new patients and capturing data points focused on optimizing patient-specific care. By leveraging Salesforce, this center was able to provide an automated digital experience, ensuring patients and their care providers were proactively engaged in collaboration and communication to optimize treatment outcomes. The patient experience began as soon as they contacted the center (via digital web forms, phone, email, etc.) and smoothly transitioned through onboarding, performing diagnostics/testing, treatment, and delivery. Before leveraging Salesforce, the center’s existing process of tracking treatment lifecycles for patients was facilitated through outdated spreadsheets and disparate systems, which required extensive manual administrative processes. By migrating this process to the Salesforce platform, critical biological indicators and treatment milestones such as bloodwork tracking, testing cycles, ovulation timelines, etc. are now centralized in a system of record which provides up-to-date analysis and automated internal/external reminders. This digital transformation enabled the center to gain critical real-time medical analysis, ensuring patient-specific decisions could be made quickly, which in turn, ensured the highest treatment success rate.

As the millennial generation continues to fuel the growth of the IVF industry, it’s imperative individual clinics/centers are armed with proper tools to meet this increased demand while continuing to deliver superior patient satisfaction and care. We believe is the technology stack best suited for this challenge. If you’d like to learn more about how we’ve guided other IVF, biotech, and health/life-sciences organizations through similar digital transformations, please reach out to us at CloudMasonry. And if you’re curious about how everything panned out for Ashley & Sam, let’s just say I’m ecstatic that my Christmas present budget has gone up exponentially for next year.


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