Perspective on Salesforce’s Acquisition of ClickSoftware
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Perspective on Salesforce’s Acquisition of ClickSoftware

Chicago, IL – August 8, 2019 – The news of Salesforce acquiring ClickSoftware is exciting for Salesforce, it’s customers, and the CloudMasonry Field Service Lightning consulting practice

Salesforce has made acquisitions a significant aspect of their growth strategy, and it is no surprise to see Salesforce applying that strategy in the field service and mobile workforce management space. Salesforce’s Service Cloud business is growing rapidly, and there is still significant growth potential. Field service and mobile workforce management is a key focus area of that growth.

Salesforce customers interested in field service and mobile workforce management, and current Field Service Lightning or ClickSoftware customers should know the following about what this acquisition means:

First, ClickSoftware and Salesforce are already highly compatible systems. ClickSoftware has been listed on the Salesforce AppExchange since 2013 and already integrates with the Salesforce1 mobile app. This is generally good news for existing customers of Salesforce, ClickSoftware, or both. 

Second, ClickSoftware features are likely to both complement and augment existing Field Service Lightning functionality. ClickSoftware’s predictive field service offering enables customers to anticipate and service issues before they occur, provide more accurate arrival times, and optimize the efficiency of their mobile workforce. ClickSoftware also has an offering that enables efficient travel reimbursement to field agents and workers. 

Third, the industry focus is well aligned between Salesforce and ClickSoftware. The two organizations are focused largely on supporting utilities, telecom, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing companies. 

As a leader in Field Service Lightning consulting, CloudMasonry will continue to monitor the acquisition news and work with Salesforce to understand the impact of the acquisition from a technology and human experience standpoint.


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