CloudMasonry Service Offerings

As a Salesforce consulting partner with over a decade of experience implementing innovative cloud-based business solutions, we understand the importance of choosing the right partner and we freely admit that we are not for everyone. Our clients select CloudMasonry because they are seeking more than just technical advice. They are in search of undiscovered business value in the systems they already use and are looking for a partner that can both uncover and deliver it.

CloudMasonry specializes in improving the use and value of existing Salesforce systems. Our most successful customers already have existing Salesforce knowledge and experience in-house but are in search of a partner to provide an outside perspective, paired with a track record of proven execution.

Data Migration & Complex Integrations

Only with data organized in an intuitive, user-friendly manner, can the adoption of Salesforce reach its full potential. Our data and integration specialists can clean existing data, integrate with third-party systems and help you design analytics and reporting to improve decision making across your entire organization.

End User Training

At CloudMasonry, we understand that a Salesforce system will never reach its full potential if the end-user experience isn’t at the forefront of every design decision and isn't included at the release of every new system change. CloudMasonry brings a wealth of change management and training experience to bear, making it easier for your organization to ensure the highest levels of system adoption.

Value Assurance

Could you be getting more value from your existing Salesforce licenses? It's a simple question that most organizations struggle to answer. It's also the question that CloudMasonry puts at the heart of every engagement. Available to every CloudMasonry customer is a free system assessment to identify areas of opportunity within the system with a focus on easy to implement features that drive transformative business value.

System Implementation

Often, CloudMasonry clients already know what they need to be done, but they lack the bandwidth or in-house experience to make it happen. CloudMasonry works with multiple stakeholders to deliver business-critical projects. We work via methodologies like Scrum, Agile, Waterfall and PRINCE2 to deliver the project you need, all to your specifications and as an extension of your team.

Technology Roadmapping

At times, our clients have needs that span multiple projects or multiple years. In these situations, we are often asked: "Where should we begin?" CloudMasonry’s approach is, to begin with, a collaboratively run discovery phase that we call Technology Roadmapping. This process of discovery provides an opportunity to look at the exhaustive list of potential business value that could be generated by the deployment of Salesforce and to prioritize that value based on its business impact and complexity to deploy.

Ongoing Managed Innovation

Salesforce has three releases a year. This rate of change can make absorbing all of the Salesforce advances akin to a full-time job. We partner with clients to create ongoing, repeatable processes for the assessment and deployment of system changes, ensuring that our clients always enjoy maximum value for their Salesforce investment.

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