Non-profit organizations are often required to operate with limited resources, making it difficult for them to achieve their goals. At CloudMasonry, we understand the challenges nonprofits face, and we’re committed to helping them optimize their limited resources.

Our team recently worked with Bernie’s Book Bank, a non-profit organization, on a mission to equip thousands of underprivileged children with the necessary tools to become successful readers.

As Chicagoland’s top supplier of quality books to under-served children, Bernie’s works tirelessly to empower young minds with the knowledge and imagination found within the pages of a good book.

Bernie’s faced challenges managing donors, grants, volunteers, as well as the distribution system of schools, routes, and book counts. To make things more complicated, there were new challenges with the Covid-19 pandemic threatening to prevent Bernie’s Book Bank from getting books in the hands of kids who desperately need them.

Bernie’s turned to CloudMasonry to revamp their Salesforce instance and optimize their data for better insights, improved user experience, and increased efficiency for all workers and volunteers. The result was a comprehensive solution that streamlined the management of all crucial aspects of Bernie’s operations and laid the groundwork for continued growth and success – even with the challenges of a pandemic.

Donor Segmentation and Targeted Marketing Efforts: Bernie’s wanted to utilize Salesforce to create a phased approach to connect with their donors. CloudMasonry first analyzed donor data to create segments based on behavior and demographics, which then enabled the creation of personalized marketing campaigns to increase donor engagement and drive donations.

By prioritizing donor segmentation for targeted marketing efforts, CloudMasonry helped Bernie's achieve greater success in their fundraising efforts.

In utilizing a phased approach, we helped our non-profit partners at Bernies to maximize their resources and achieve greater success in their fundraising efforts. During the pandemic, this need became greater and presented the opportunity to innovate processes, forms, and ways to pivot to accommodate a lockdown. It essentially changed the method of acquiring books and distributing them without kids being in school. It was important to have trust between Bernies and CloudMasonry to help navigate solutions.

Madison Northrup
Delivery Manager

Improved Volunteer Portal and Return Rate: Volunteers are an integral part of any non-profit organization. To make volunteering more accessible and efficient, CloudMasonry streamlined Bernie’s volunteer portal, resulting in an improved volunteer return rate. This meant more volunteers were drawn to Bernie’s to support their mission, and more importantly, their return rate increased, which indicated they would likely volunteer again in the future.

After CloudMasonry streamlined the volunteer portal, Bernie’s volunteer return rate increased, allowing them to further the support of their mission.

Streamlined Distribution System: Originally, Bernie’s needed a platform to effectively manage their distribution system of schools, routes, and book counts. CloudMasonry provided strategic recommendations to improve the distribution process, resulting in a more streamlined system. This allowed Bernie’s to anticipate their distribution needs and grow their programs. And during the pandemic, Bernie’s needed to find solutions to overcome the challenges of distributing books in an environment where schools were shut down and books needed to get in the hands of individuals.

CloudMasonry utilized a phased approach to optimize our client’s resources, while providing meaningful insights and an enhanced user experience. Working with Bernie’s Book Bank, CloudMasonry was able to achieve improved donor engagement, more efficient volunteer management, and a streamlined distribution system, ultimately helping Bernies achieve their goals.

Knowing that non-profits often operate on limited resources, it’s important they partner with experts who can help make the most of their technology investments. With our proven track record of successful outcomes, CloudMasonry is the ideal partner for non-profit organizations looking to increase their reach, optimize limited resources and navigate unexpected changes.

Through the partnership with CloudMasonry, Bernie’s Book Bank was able to continue helping improve literacy through the acquisition and distribution of books during a time when they were needed most.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) organizes constituent, fundraising, and program data for nonprofits.

Some of the things the Nonprofit Success Pack can do for your organization:

  • Constituent Relationship Management: Connect with volunteers, donors, and clients in one place
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CloudMasonry can help evaluate ways to make your nonprofit more efficient.  Contact us today and come build with us.  

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