From small businesses to large corporations, every company comes to a point where they need a fresh set of eyes to find improvements and opportunities to expand their products and services. Our consultants at CloudMasonry are more than just “doers”, they are visionaries; they see opportunities in unexpected places and that is exactly what happened when we started working with Brava Roof Tile.

Nik Sappie
Salesforce Consultant

For the last 20 years, Brava Roof Tile has been manufacturing premium-quality synthetic roofing that combines the authentic look of Shake, Slate and Barrel roofing with unmatched performance. As a leading alternative to traditional roofing material, their composite roofing products last longer, are far more durable than traditional cedar shake, slate, and Spanish barrel tiles, and are much more aesthetically and architecturally pleasing than asphalt shingles and concrete tiles. They have established a business to business and, business to consumer product with a significant presence in the industry as well as working with contractors all over the country. Initially, we were brought in strictly to work on order management, Brava Roof Tile already had Salesforce CPQ.

As we began working on this project, we saw a much larger opportunity. Brava was spending a significant amount of time on order management, but we needed to get to the heart of the issue; the WHY. 

Nik Sappie
Salesforce Consultant
Like many businesses, Brava didn’t realize what tools they had at their FINGERTIPS. With the right configuration, they would be able to future-proof their business in a big way.

On any given day, a salesperson would contact or field a lead from a new or existing customer. As the company grew, it became more difficult to transfer historical, or tribal, knowledge to other salespeople and allow them to hit the ground running. This knowledge needed to be captured in a usable format and be available for others during the sales cycle. Additionally, pricing was a very manual process and was often inaccurate. As a result, CloudMasonry developed critical improvements that would change everything – including reduced human error, improved timing, and process automation.

Through a root cause analysis, CloudMasonry observed that Brava’s guided selling process was bumpy. In addition to providing the sales team with the right tools, the main need was to streamline the order management process to ensure shipment accuracy by the fulfillment team. They also needed to have the ability to track return orders.

Brava Roof Tile has some amazing proprietary processes that are truly unmatched in the industry – their “secret sauce” one could say. CloudMasonry found quite a few opportunities which proved to be paramount in determining the RIGHT solution.

After analyzing issues with the current setup, CloudMasonry started work developing a more optimized version of Salesforce CPQ. As with anything new, there is a learning curve when things change. And in order to set up Brava for ongoing success, CloudMasonry ensured all legacy knowledge was well documented, ensuring that whomever stepped into the business would know how to use the new Salesforce CPQ optimized platform.

The consultants at CloudMasonry spent a lot of time educating the team at Brava Roof Tile on the new system and capabilities it would provide. The optimized Salesforce CPQ platform would allow Brava to ultimately service their customers with the level of accuracy on which they built their business. They admittedly needed advice and guidance on how to best use the tools. And although it took some system buildout and development, the outcome was a very efficient shiny new version of their Salesforce CPQ tools.

Their team saw the value, but navigating change can be hard. The Brava Team was committed to overcoming the hurdle of the learning curve. There will be many successes yet to come but...

Order accuracy improved 35-40%.

Countless hours have been saved and Brava projects a significant reduction in return orders. The success of this transformation was found in innovation.

CPQ Salesforce, or Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce, is a sales tool allowing companies to provide accurate pricing for any given product configuration scenario.

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