Client: Flexera


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud

Flexera, a software organization with over 1300 employees worldwide, provides application usage management solutions to software application producers and enterprises. Their product offerings include software licensing, compliance, and installation solutions for their customers. Flexera has over 80,000 customers and partners worldwide that rely on their software solutions.

Flexera sought to empower their customers and partners with a single unified online community allowing product downloads, collaborative user forums, and a self-service knowledgebase. Their existing communities were built in silos, increasing their complexity and cost to maintain, while providing users a less than optimal experience.

CloudMasonry partnered with both the Flexera IT & Customer Success teams in designing a consolidated Salesforce Community for all 80,000 of Flexera’s customers and partners. The new community would leverage a single custom community front-end application that was then tightly integrated with a Salesforce Community on the backend.


By going through this implementation, Flexera was able to lower the support costs associated with maintaining multiple community tools, decreased customer support call volumes by empowering their customers to self-serve, and providing their Customer Success team the ability to manage ongoing updates to the community.

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