Client: Direct Energy

Direct Energy is one of North America’s largest energy and energy-related services providers. With over 5 million residential and commercial customer relationships, Direct Energy specializes in providing customers a suite of products and services in managing energy costs through various energy providers and partner relationships.

Direct Energy field representatives engage with their customers in-person through a proprietary mobile tablet application. Current order data being sent from the tablet to Salesforce and downstream operations were not meeting regulatory compliance. This required significant increase in functionality and capturing additional data points, ensuring that all governmental regulations were met.

CloudMasonry coordinated enhancements within the proprietary application and Salesforce, with Direct Energy’s IT Team. This consolidated effort was to ensure that the application accounted for additional compliance requirements such as photos sent from the application to Salesforce orders, additional field rep training modules, customer eligibility search, and order processing for a net new business groups.


By going through this transformation, Direct Energy’s field reps were now able to access customer eligibility data and additional functionality in creating orders, capturing customer information and notes, and closing deals while in front of the customer. Through these efforts and development, Direct Energy was able to unlock additional analytics capabilities around order processing and compliance.